Raymond Loewy

Raymond Loewy was a theatrical showman; the PT Barnum of Industrial Design

I recall how he would walk into presentations like the magician, ready to show something you had not seen before. He came to fame in the Era of Art Deco with his dynamic train engine design and matching consumer products like the pencil sharpener. Raymond Loewy was as much an advertiser as an industrial designer, able to appeal the masses with designs like the iconic Lucky Strike cigarette circle logo.
Even in later years, his mysterious Exxon logo has been suggested to link back to images of the Knights Templar through his association with the Masonic Temple. Da Vinci Code; anyone?

Raymond Loewy loved the stage and the opportunity that the magic of real distinction can bring to each design. Just look at his Studebaker Avanti! Happy 120th Raymond Loewy!

Jeff Samson received an M.F.A. in Industrial Design from Cranbrook Academy of Art and completed post-graduate work at Harvard in the Business of Design. For the past 30 years, he has led Samson Design in Boulder, CO. He also has held numerous teaching positions. A strong advocate of integrated design and engineering, he is involved in a variety of advisory boards, corporate visualization programs, and futuristic technology activities. His professional interest is centered on biomedical engineering, not only commercializing emerging technology but developing an intuitive human interface for medical devices.