Samson Engineer’s Model Featured in Autodesk CFD Seminar

Our engineer John Tomasik created a model of the Bronco’s stadium and ran a CFD analysis to see how wind would affect the Bronco’s game against the Chargers. Today, Autodesk featured the model to demonstrate their software’s CFD capabilities.

Wind analysis of the Sports Authority Field at Mile High

Which seats are the warmest? Thermal analysis of the Mile High

16 Hour Challenge

We’ve had a few months now to play with Solidworks 2016, however, we always like to evaluate the features, performance, and stability of a new release before we incorporate it into our workflow. We have 16 hours to a couple of our designers; here’s one of the sketch models. This particular quadcopter includes organic forms created by complex lofts and multiple subassemblies; simulating a usual pattern of software usage and project development. The new breadcrumbs feature as well as the mate controller are welcome additions.

Sketches of Hands

When we create products, we focus on the driving user relationships. Thinking in terms of human factors, we consider the user-device relationship. In the process of achieving this goal, we sketch human figures and anatomy in relation to the products we design.

Happy New Year!

It’s 2016, we’ve sent out our New Years greetings, and we hope you like it; and if you do, please leave a comment here or give us a call! We had a lot of fun creating this year’s greeting card. And for extra cheer, here we are as Star Design warriors.

Color & Medical Device Control

Color affects humans deeply. Many studies have found certain colors to produce not only emotional responses but also physical responses. For example, a red room can alter the perception that the temperature feels warmer, as opposed to a room painted in cool colors such as blue or green. For designers, this understanding can allow us to use color to create successful products. Take a look at the following blood pressure units.

New Sign at Our Office Park

At the 55th st Flatiron Park, a new sign adorns the entrance: Connect Create Innovate. That’s what we like to do. Come visit us at our office to connect and create something new!

Taking the High Road to FDA Approval

Jeff’s Talk at Colorado Bioscience Association

According to the FDA, there are common reasons for Medical Device Use Errors

The use environment has negative effects
The demands associated with the use of the device exceed the user’s capabilities
Aspects of device use are inconsistent with the user’s expectations or intuition
The device is used in unexpected ways
The device is used in inappropriate but foreseeable ways, for which adequate controls were not applied
The Guiding Document reorients FDA submissions by focusing on the USER REQUIREMENTS, not the device requirements.
Jeff had a dialogue with Colorado scientists who are developing medical devices to find the High Road to FDA approval. We’ve uploaded the slides here as a resource.

CSU Graduate Scholarship

Colorado State University has announced a graduate scholarship for Innovation in Biomedical Sciences. This scholarship is funded by Samson Design Associates. Contact School of Biomedical Engineering Sara Neys, for information on this scholarship for incoming graduate students and continuing undergraduates.

Chasing After Any Idea

An artist/designer Dominic Wilcox creates the ridiculous. A soccer ball you fill with fruits that you kick around, producing a smoothie drink; or a hearing device that switches your left and right ear inputs around: this is what you get in this short minifilm. “Crazy”, “off the wall”, “imaginative”, sometimes these are the places we can find inspiration for good ideas.

April Fools

With Audi putting rice cookers in their cars, Domino’s offering a driverless delivery service, we offer this simple greeting.