AQ BioMed's Next Generation Glaucoma Drainage Device

AQ BioMed has made new discoveries about how cells respond to chemical interactions and physical forces caused by biomedical implants. Using this knowledge, we are developing unique biocompatible materials and geometric designs that work with the body.

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The AQ™ Shunt

AQ Shunt’s unique and patented design virtually eliminates complications of other glaucoma devices. This revolutionary approach can be applied across a wide range of technologies, including stents, shunts, artificial organs, and drug delivery devices, to make these implants more effective and longer lasting.

Our first product is the AQ™ shunt, uniquely designed to control over-pressurization inside the eye caused by glaucoma and prevent the onset of blindness.

Boulder BioMed serves as the manufacturer of the AQ shunt and Mr. Kasic serves as a fractional CEO for AQ BioMed.

AQ BioMed's Supernova

AQ BioMed is a company underneath the umbrella of Boulder iQ. Read more about their glaucoma drainage device in the Red Crow Supernovas section.