Orthowin is the Pioneer of the "OrthoShock"

OrthoWin has pioneered the development of what a “one-handed” hammer and chisel call the “OrthoShock” for the removal of artificial hips. Relying on the precise application of ultrasonic energy, the device is designed to extract and adjust the final orientation of the ceramic insert in hip prostheses.

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The OrthoShock

OrthoShock product a novel surgical device, which delivers pneumatic power to orthopedics. The OrthoShock is designed to perform in several key indications, i.e. to extract the ceramic insert from the metal back in Hip Joint Implants, to adjust the final orientation of the metal backs, to subsequently impact* ceramic insert in metal back, to impact* the ceramic head on a stem and to offer innovative treat in Arthrodesis, i.e. fixation* of joints. A cartridge of carbon dioxide gas under high-pressure, which is regulated precisely, powers the OrthoShock. The exhausted gas is filtered through the OrthoFilter. Shock waves are generated and transmitted at the tip of the OrthoProbe.