Boulder Sterilization,, 

Boulder Sterilization is focused on providing contract Ethylene Oxide sterilization that is faster and reduces costs for you.

Started in 2018, we saw a need for more customer-oriented EO sterilization than was out in the market.



We are here to sterilize product in an efficient, fast and cost-effective way. Our values are focused on customer service, reliability and quality.

As a contract sterilizer, we offer full validations, single lot releases, R&D testing, and more.

Using a smaller scale than traditional processes, we can reduce the validation timeline by 80 percent – at at 75 percent cost savings. We will walk with you every step of the way, through protocol generation, validation, production and audits.

Boulder Sterilization



EO Sterilization, boulder sterilization

  • Sterilization validation
  • Single-lot release
  • Cycle development
  • Production sterilization
  • Engineering sterilization/testing
  • Testing
    • Biological indicator
    • Tests of sterility, method suitability
    • EO and ECH residuals
    • Bacterial endotoxin/LAL
    • Bioburden

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Quality, inside and out

ISO 13485 compliant quality management systemWith an ISO 13485-compliant quality management system, Boulder iQ creates and implements procedures specific to each client and each product. The easy-to-use system is an effective way to ensure clients can seamlessly achieve full compliance.