Avoiding Failure to Launch

Jim Kasic, CEO, Boulder iQ

A venture capitalist once said that in his experience no really good idea failed due to lack of resources. In my over 25 years of experience, nothing could be further from the truth!

I’ve seen countless good and great ideas flounder due to lack of resources and lack of good management of resources. It’s sad to think how many products never saw the light of day due to inadequate support. But it happens constantly. In some cases it’s a lack of understanding of the development process on the part of the inventor. In some cases, it’s a lack of connections to obtain the support needed and in other cases it’s simply a lack of physical space, tools, instruments and other capabilities. In all cases, it’s a shame to let really good product ideas die, especially in the healthcare field where they could be helping doctors and nurses care for patients.

This is why I founded the Boulder Medical Device Accelerator. I’ve started several companies myself. I know how hard it can be. I know the myriad of obstacles that stand in the way, and with the Accelerator I intend to provide a way for select startup and emerging companies to leapfrog those obstacles to success!

I’d love to be able to offer the Accelerator to support many, many young inventors and entrepreneurs. The reality in these early days of its inception is that we must be very selective and start with only a few companies to nurture. You can see our philosophy and approach on our website: www.bouldermda.com.

Avoiding Failure to LaunchIf you’re a startup or emerging medical device company in search of a nurturing, supportive launching pad, and have good support from the clinical user community, please contact us. We’re interested in finding the few right candidates to support and from there to build and grow our community of successful medical device companies.

Thank you for being an entrepreneur! It’s a tough, demanding challenge, but well worth the effort. Keep it up, stay the course and have fun! If we can help, through the Accelerator, Boulder iQ or Boulder Sterilization, it would be our honor to be part of your success!

Jim Kasic is Chairman and Founder of the Boulder Medical Device Accelerator.

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