Photo courtesy of RESI Conference.

Beyond the Booths: Enthusiasm for In-Person Events

November 29, 2023

With in-person events back in swing, I’ve had the opportunity to attend some key industry conferences over the past few months. What I’ve observed: enthusiasm, heightened interest in sterilization options and a still-in-process transition to the in-person platform.


At the Redefining Early Stage Investments (RESI) conference in Boston, any economic uncertainties or concerns did not seem to dampen the enthusiasm I saw among both medical device developers and investors.

The conference provides an international venue for early-stage life science companies in the drug, medical device, diagnostics and digital health industries to source investors, create relationships, and potentially, secure funding. It includes early-stage companies through those in the venture stage.

It was a little like “Shark Tank” in that I was able to sit in on several pitch sessions and see who’s doing what in the development arena, and what stage different start-up companies are at. From Boulder iQ’s perspective, it was insightful to understand where our services are most in demand, and by what type and stage of start-up.

Interest in sterilization options

On the other coast, in San Diego, was the MPO Summit. Focusing on the world of outsourcing for medical device manufacturing, the conference addressed critical issues impacting the industry – including one of the most pertinent, sterilization.

Concerns about environmental and health issues that can arise in some uses of ethylene oxide (EO) sterilization have prompted the closure of several major sterilization facilities around the country – and even an FDA Innovation Challenge to encourage companies to find ways to reduce EO emissions and explore alternative technologies for sterilization.

The conference highlighted the work developers are doing to figure out what to do about EO: if and when they can stay with the method for their sterilization, and if they change, what the most effective and cost-effective options will be. As a provider of both EO and chlorine dioxide sterilization, we were happy to be able to add value in those discussions.

In-person events

People were generally excited to be able to attend conferences in person. For us at Boulder iQ, it’s always beneficial in meeting people face-to-face as we build relationships.

We noticed a few interesting changes from pre-pandemic times. A number of presenters were new to the in-person forum, having been promoted to or hired into new positions during the Great Resignation. It’s great to see these new faces, and we look forward to seeing their progression in their roles.

Meeting start-up developers early in their process is tremendous, giving us the opportunity to bring valuable knowledge to their future decision-making. I’m wrapping up conferences this year feeling energized, and ready for 2024.

Jeremy Anderson, Director of Business Development