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Conversations to Connections: Delving into Enthusiasm and Sterilization Solutions at MD&M West 2024

March 14, 2024

Earlier this month, Boulder iQ exhibited at the MD&M West trade show in Anaheim, California. For three days, I was surrounded by some of the most interesting, innovative people and companies I’ve met in the medical device industry. I came away with new relationships, new ideas and new insight into the best of the medical device world.

The show, which bills itself as “Celebrating Manufacturing Excellence Through Medical Devices,” is big – very big – by any standard. More than 14,000 attendees and 1,600 booths fill the 300,000 square feet of show floor space, with everyone focusing on the best ways to develop and use cutting-edge technology that is shaping life-saving medical devices.

Sterilization interest

Our booth was busy throughout the show. Situated in a great location, we were able to easily engage in productive conversations. Many of those with whom we spoke were interested in sterilization – both in what we offered and in developments in the evolving sterilization industry. Discussing each person’s and organization’s goals and businesses was interesting and thought-provoking.

I met with operations directors and engineering professionals looking to develop relationships with different vendors, and with plenty of execs with startups seeking to learn what type of services they might need as they proceed down the road to market. We also talked with representatives of several investment firms, many of which were building relationships on behalf of companies they invest in.

Sterilization was the key topic of our conversations. Start-up developers, focused on time to market, wanted to learn about fast-turn, affordable service options, while larger companies were curious on chlorine dioxide (CD) as a viable alternative to ethylene oxide (EO). Most learned that they would be able to receive much shorter lead times, at lower cost, with Boulder Sterilization than with their current suppliers.

We also saw more and more developers looking at contract-based regulatory and quality support in lieu of full-time staff. Discussions were relevant and meaningful to current industry trends.

Chlorine dioxide presentation

Jim Kasic, our CEO, did a presentation on “Chlorine Dioxide Sterilization: The Emerging New Standard” at the show. The event garnered substantial interest, with med device developers interested in learning from someone who is an expert in – and offers – both CD and EO sterilization. Even people not having planned to attend the session were drawn in by Jim’s comments as they walked by.

I came home with new connections, greater understanding of developer’s needs and confirmation that Boulder iQ and Boulder Sterilization are in a great position to continue leading the way in device development.

What’s next

Jim Kasic will head back to southern California – Dana Point – for LSI in March. If you’re going and would like to connect to discuss your sterilization or product development questions and needs, just let me know.


Jeremy Anderson, Director of Business Development. Email Jeremy.