Making In-Person Connections: From the Desk of Jim Kasic

Dear colleague:

We have some very nice conference rooms here at Boulder iQ, and they’re essentially brand new. Our new headquarters building was ready for occupancy in mid-March of 2020, so with great enthusiasm we moved into our new digs to begin another great year. But you all remember what happened in March of last year. So throughout the pandemic, our lovely new conference rooms sat essentially unused.

I like Zoom. It’s a valuable tool, and certainly a great way to keep in touch with clients, especially as we move quickly through their projects. But it’s not a substitute for in-person connections. Within the past week, we’ve held meetings in-person in our still new, but now over a year older conference rooms. What a difference!

I’ve heard that a large percentage of communication between people is non-verbal. Call it body language, facial expressions or whatever. On the telephone I can get some information from the tone of a person’s voice. On Zoom, I get more information from their facial expressions, or perhaps the way they’re sitting in their chair, if the view allows that. But when I’m in the room, present with other people, I can feel them! There is no substitute when establishing or renewing a personal connection. And I believe all business connections are also personal.

Boulder iQ and Boulder Sterilization are service businesses. We succeed by guiding and helping our customers succeed. They rely on us – our experience, our insights, our diligence, and our focus on meeting their needs above our own. This is why we do what we do. And now that we can again host our clients, our friends, in person, we’re doing as much of that as possible.

Please visit us! There’s nothing like the warmth of a smile in person – a handshake (or elbow bump if you prefer) – but face-to-face. I’d love to meet you or see you again! This is my personal invitation. Hooray for 2021! Let’s move forward to accomplish great things together!

Jim Kasic, CEO

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