Walking the Talk at Boulder iQ
Jeremy Anderson, Director of Business Development

September 19, 2023

Plenty of companies in industries ranging from banking to grocery claim to be one-stop shops. Medical device product development is no exception.

“Yet there are very few that actually are what they claim,” says Jeremy Anderson, Boulder iQ’s new director of business development. “And that’s why I came to Boulder iQ.”

Boulder iQ, he says, can take clients from A to Z, from design through manufacture, sterilization and shipping. “It’s fun, and immensely satisfying, to work with an organization that touches every aspect of product development for medical device companies,” he explains.

In his role, he relishes the fact that he is constantly connecting to the purpose of the company and of the industry: developing products that can save and improve lives. “I am able to have conversations with clients that focus on their true goals, their reason for being,” he explains. “It grounds me to why we’re doing what we’re doing.”

Jeremy is a disciplined, organized, strategic professional who likes the challenge of finding out what a prospective client really needs, and then determining if and how to best meet those needs. Most clients don’t know exactly what it will take in time and cost to get to their end goal, he says. “I can step in and provide that help to them.”

With a strong background in project and operations management, resource planning, and project scoping and estimating, Jeremy has expertise in wearing multiple hats with growing companies. Now, he has the opportunity to weave those experiences together and strategically help develop the client base for Boulder iQ.

When he’s not at work, Jeremy enjoys spending as much time as he can with his wife and two children. “My kids are at ages – 9 and 7 – where they still like doing things with their parents, so we’re taking advantage of the time,” he says. In the summer, you’ll likely find them camping, ATVing, paddleboarding or fishing. In the winter, the family seeks out warm-weather locales and new experiences for the kids.