Quick Turnaround Ethylene Oxide Sterilization

Peggy Fasano, COO, Boulder iQ

Quick Turnaround Ethylene Oxide SterilizationEthylene Oxide (EO) sterilization is a method routinely used for product that needs to be sterile. EO is particularly great for products that are plastic, have electronics, or sensitive to high amounts of humidity, the gas can penetrate through almost all materials other than metal making it very effective. These are aspects of EO and despite the large shakeup in the industry over the last year, EO sterilization is here to stay.

Development of EO sterilization cycles is lengthy and costly right now; Boulder Sterilization, a Boulder iQ subsidiary provides a different option than the traditional sterilization channels reducing time, effort and costs. Smaller batch commercially available EO sterilizers here at Boulder iQ enable service organi­zations to offer quick turnaround (days versus weeks) sterilization services for production lots of product, for prototypes, for animal trial samples, for biocompatibility testing, for sterile packag­ing testing and for clinical trial purposes. The emergence of such quick turn­around EO services benefits medical device companies needing to test their prototypes, for early production runs and for ongoing produc­tion of modest volume, and high value devices.

To learn more about the different types of EO sterilization, please download the white paper.

Peggy Fasano is COO of Boulder iQ and Boulder Sterilization