Body Temperature Management

A cool product. This medical device reduces patient body temperature in infection or high-temperature cases. As a complete R&D project, we designed the evaporative cooling system. Our engineering team approached the design from the inside out, creating the optimum internal configuration and configured it in a rotomolded shell. We delivered a compelling design that is inexpensive, extraordinarily durable, and attractive in a highly competitive market.

Surgical Navigation System

Boulder iQ worked hand-in-hand with the client to evolve this inter-operative imaging device: a device used in high stake brain and spine operations when visualization is critical.

Neck angle and glare during 4-hour operations are critical areas to address in the design. We focused on easy positioning of the camera in the OR.

In overcrowded ORs, this imaging machine retains the smallest footprint, yet can easily be positioned for the surgeon’s optimum viewing position.

Medical Imaging

When a client says rugged, we deliver rugged.

We designed this medical diagnostic enclosure to survive extreme conditions and protect the sensitive technology within. It was run over by a jeep and continued to function. Understanding the user was critical. We took on the challenge to meet the needs of veterinarians who travel to the wilderness, wildlife parks, or cattle ranches to diagnose and address animal medical situations. From user control panel to goggles, to carrying case – rugged.

Iontophoresis Therapy

A project that changed the game for an industry.

You know you’ve hit the target when the competition offers enough to buy the business. At one-quarter the size, one-sixth the competition’s weight and so simple to use that anyone can, this tiny noninvasive device was created to slip onto a band-aid and provide enough power to infuse medication in less than fifteen minutes. It is much less expensive too!

Hospital Bed

We used Human Centered Design to develop a smart bed that capitalizes on emerging technology systems.

The control panel on the footboard and controls on the headend are its defining characteristic. While intelligent, the design of this hospital bed epitomizes the user experience rather than the underlying technology. Patients disliked the cage feeling of bed rails—the translucent rails mitigated that claustrophobic feeling.

Clinicians are the primary “operators” of the bed, adjusting it in the room and moving it down the corridors. The bed weight was reduced by 200 lb. without sacrificing functionality. Pedals, side rails, and the nurse controls reflected the clinicians’ preferences. Prior to releasing the product for manufacturing, a clinician panel validated and affirmed the bed features and ease of use. Production is currently back-ordered due to high demand.

Cell Sorter

We design a range of cell sorting devices for the client: from industry’s smallest fully-functional cell sorter designed to fit on any lab desktop, to industrial-scale high throughput cell purification systems. These game-changing devices allow lab personnel to purify and sort through a variety of cells through its large touchscreen and user-friendly form factor.

Reflux Monitor

Sometimes our clients ask the impossible: design and launch a product in four months—Our answer? “No problem!” This client hired us to simplify its diagnostic device, starting with concepts of inspecting the first article parts. Did we sacrifice design quality for speed? Absolutely not! We completed this project on time, on budget and on point. The elegant and intuitive product is the current market benchmark.

Secure Medication Bottle

Keeping your medication safe. This bottle was designed with a locking mechanism to deter medication theft, encoded with a four digit number created by the user upon purchase. Samson Design developed multiple bottles and encoder assembly and saw the product into production while maintaining FDA guidelines and child medication safety laws.