Thermal Analysis for International Communication System

Boulder iQ worked together with our client’s team to develop this award-winning comprehensive wireless communication solution. Our team gathered thermal analysis data on the components to design a product that can effectively conduct its heat away from the design of the body. The product was designed ruggedly to be able to function for a variety of industrial applications; including Oil & Gas, Utilities, Defense, Agriculture, Mining, and Enterprise.

Security System

The world’s largest security camera manufacturer had a vision for a new IP camera-to-camera surveillance system. We helped corporate leadership to visualize a distinctive look – one that was as powerful as the technology. We probed for market cues, surveyed users, and distributors, but in the end, it came down to designing for human factors.

Our analysis identified significant installation issues. Thus we created a system for mounting attachments that aids in speedy installation and simplifies maintenance—a one-handed install mechanism. You will see this camera installed in recreation centers, banks, casinos, and national research centers. High performance and distinctive design earned a Government “Salute Award”.

Fuel Kiosk

We created an easy to use fueling kiosk designed to withstand the harshest of conditions. Used in marine, municipal airports and oil and gas industries this unit must function while exposed to blistering wind, blizzards, and hurricanes. A critical requirement was a reliable graphical user interface that expedited fuel purchases.

Wireless Transmitter

Enjoy 1080p HD video without all the unsightly cables with this device. It is designed to transmit HDMI wirelessly to your TV, thus a small form factor was important. We also helped our client design a separate versatile mounting bracket so that users could easily mount the device to their TV. Furthermore, perforations designed into the front of the device allowed for heat dissipation. The product has won awards and is highly reviewed by tech columns and consumers for its ease-of-use and sleek design.

Mall Stroller

User Experience and Human Factors were critical in designing a rentable mall stroller that generates a positive user experience for the mother, child and maintenance workers. These strollers were designed to be durable, eye-catching and economical. Mall managers’ needs were incorporated into the design – easy to clean and minimal footprint.