MD&M West stands at the forefront of B2B medical device trade shows across North America – and this year’s meeting in Anaheim was no exception. We learned about cutting-edge technology and products, discovered new trends and met key entrepreneurs and innovators.

Building on our MD&M work, we’ve put together a list of resources. Have questions? Need more information? Wondering if there’s a way you can speed your device to market? Let us know. We’re here to help.


> Design and Development Services

Published Articles:

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Med Device Online – September 28, 2023

5 Common Startup Mistakes (and How to Avoid Them)
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5 Tips to Make Your Medical Device More Accessible
Med Device Online – November 8, 2021

How To Eliminate The Gate In Medtech Product Development’s Phase-Gate Approach
Med Device Online – May 19, 2021


regulatory, clinical and compliance services


> Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance

Published Articles:

Key Considerations In “Intended Use” And “Indications For Use” Statements For Medical Devices
Med Device Online – December 14, 2023

Biocompatibility Testing Tips To Speed Your Medical Device To Market
Med Device Online – July 12, 2023

5 Key Steps For FDA Q-Submissions
Med Device Online – April 18, 2022

How to Untangle Your Medtech Regulatory, Engineering & Business Decisions
Med Device Online – January 3, 2022


Additional Resources:

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The Lure of the FDA Q-Sub Meeting: When (and When Not) to Call for One – Part 2: Planning for the Meeting(s)
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How to survive an FDA inspection! Part 2
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sterilization, ethylene oxide


> Boulder Sterilization Services
> Ethylene Oxide 
> Chlorine Dioxide 
> Assembly and Packaging 

Published Articles:

Medical Device Packaging Labels
Med Device Online – March 16, 2022

Medical Device Packaging Considerations For Product Developers: Begin With The End In Mind
Medical Device Online – August 11, 2021


Additional Resources:

Rapid Prototyping Materials: Are They Compatible With EO Sterilization?
Boulder iQ Blog – January 29, 2023

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Chlorine Dioxide Sterilization: A Green, Environmentally Conscious Option

The Long and Storied History of Chlorine Dioxide